Project Delivery

NPD Consulting is a project management consulting company based in Sydney, Australia. Our sole objective is to deliver value for our clients.

We focus on business objectives and simply take responsibility to "get things done" in the most seamless way possible.

We have supplied project management and product development services to one of the Big Four Australian banks as well as the top 3 Australian telecommunications carriers.


Michael Page, Director and Lead Consultant at NPD, has twenty plus years of experience managing product development and managing projects within the telecommunications and financial services industries.

As a consultant, Michael has led the development of many ground-breaking products and services within these industries.

During his career, Michael has managed his own his electronics development company, he has set up an ISP business and has operated a profitable ecommerce business. This varied experience provides a steady hand on the wheel for all NPD engagements.

Outsourced Development

NPD Consulting has worked with some of Australia's largest companies to develop ground breaking new products and services. Our development team will partner with you to supplement your existing development capabilities.

We also work with several top off-shore technology providers to provide value for money IT development resources.

Our low-cost operating model offers real cost savings to our clients. We can usually complete projects cheaper than most in-house teams or external contractors.